It’s not the time to distribute New Year’s benefits,Let Shan Rou pay for something like this,Obviously wasting。
Although the money is nothing to Shan Rou,But waste is waste。
Shan Rou is rich,Willing to use it on Fang Hao,There will be an amount。
Spent on this,In other aspects, it may not be spent。
Let her spend it on other things.。
Fang Hao also feels that he shouldn’t always face a sheep wool,Don’t waste that precious favor。
If it was ten days ago,Time to bring those fruits to Pengcheng,As a New Year’s benefit to employees,It’s not a waste,Just a normal transaction,You don’t need Shan Rou to pay for it,Just take the company account,In this way, Fang Hao’s favor is not so heavy,There is no need to refuse。
Forget it this time。
This time, I still want to try how strong my ability to carry goods is,Have a clear assessment of your future。
Replied to Shan Rou,Take a look at the comments on Weibo,There have been thousands of comments that show the intention to buy,Let Fang Hao have confidence in this matter。
Ten minutes passed,The mind really wakes up,Get up and get dressed,After washing, I went downstairs。
Breakfast is already ready,Simple to compare,Just a bowl of rice noodles per person,Then an egg。
Customs here,The most important thing in the New Year is the lunch at noon on the New Year’s Eve,Doesn’t value New Year’s Eve dinner like the North。
Eat casually in the morning,After eating, start preparing the New Year’s meal。
Before eating,Is already preparing。
Killed a chicken,It’s been stewed in a crock。
Chicken is old hen,You won’t be able to bite until it’s simmered。
Carp is a must,But the carp is not for eating,Just steam it by the way,Then used to worship。