She didn’t have a hand,Even no turning,I didn’t look at it.,Still walking with Liu Qingqing。
Residual shadow。
It is a first time after summer.。
In this moment,噼噼啪 脆 如 如 如 如 一 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 如 不。
But this is fast,Faster。
Nobody knows,Between this moment,How many times have both collisions?。
A young man flew,Not yet landed,I didn’t have a violent violent.。
Another crisp。
I saw a woman’s neck with a woman on the left hand.,Grab a youth with your right hand,And his left leg is solid to sweep the front of the white woman.。
At the moment,The surrounding air seems to be twisted burst,Single-legged,Happen,Another brittle sound。
White woman pays a young master in Qingcheng Mountain,She is a median mid-term,Even if you face it, you can hold a little.,Not to be killed。
But unfortunately,Summer is not awkward,She didn’t even see the residue.,Even if there is http://www.tjxiaochi.cnno power。
She only heard a strange sound,Thinking is completely solidified,Close to the whole body, comparable to the painful pain。
Next second。
Awareness falls into the dark。
Just a moment。
Two god experts have violent!
Lin Luin is originally prepared to block the summer shape,Stop。
Her face is horrified,A sweet to the bottom of the valley。
One instant seconds to kill two god experts!
Even if she is, she can’t do it.。
Welmed the cold eyes in summer,Lin Luo Yin couldn’t help but hit a chill。
Shame,regret,Angry,fear……Various emotions are full of heart。
now,A man and a woman was buckled with her neck in summer.,Although two people have god level,Strive,It can make it unable to make up。
Unable to shake, it is unable to shake!
Summer face is,Killing in both eyes,The body is more likely to be a substantial。
He is facing Lin Luin,Xu stepped。
A man and a woman struggled,Hand planing,Frighten,Be stunned,Fear。