“senior,Gu Yuena is not worth it。”Pursed lips,Gu Yuena said slowly。
These days,She sees Zhao Ming’s actions,So she can’t be quiet。
Zhao Ming’s status is much more noble than her,She is only half of the Dragon God after all,Not even a real dragon god。Before absorbing the power of the Golden Dragon King,She is nothing。But Zhao Ming treated her so tenderly。Whether it is a human or a beast,The heart grows in flesh。These days,There is already a ripple in her Gujing Bubo heart。
“Worth it,Don’t you count。I think you are worth it。”Zhao Ming smiled,Looking at Gu Yuena with tender eyes,Ready to cast an eye kill。
Look at Zhao Ming,Gu Yuena turned her head,Don’t look at Zhao Ming anymore。Zhao Ming caught a trace of panic in Gu Yuena’s eyes,Suddenly happy。
Beautiful Gu Yuena,Under his Zhao’s offensive,I still have to disarm after all。
“senior,As long as you want,Zi Ji, they are all yours。They are all good at appearance,Why spend so much thought on me?”Gu Yuena looked at Zhao Ming,Speak slowly。
“Even Zi Ji and the others are beautiful,I can’t compare with you after all。in my heart,You will always be unique。”Zhao Ming said,He directly raised Gu Yuena’s white tender hand。
Gu Yuena’s hands are very soft,Weak boneless。
Pulled by Zhao Ming,Gu Yuena showed a trace of struggle on her face,Then I tried hard to get my hands back。
But Zhao Ming will be willing,How could the duck Zhao Ming let it fly?。
I can’t get my hand back,See also Zhao Ming seems to have no other actions,Gu Yuena won’t move anymore,Let Zhao Ming pull it。