Chinese women’s volleyball team won the full version of the awards speech in 2019
The Chinese women’s volleyball team won the full version of the awards speech of the top ten deeds of moving Chinese people in 2019 at 8 pm on May 17th. The “Moving China 2019 Annual People Awards Ceremony” was broadcast.The only finalist won the prize and deserved it. Hui Ruoqi, Feng Kun and Xu Yunli came to the scene as representatives of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to receive the award.  Supporter Bai Yansong said that I would like to tell you a number here. In the 18 years of moving China, the women’s volleyball girl has come to the awarding platform moving China for the fourth time today, but we still look forward to the futureCome every year, why expect them to come every year in the future?With the advancement of the three women’s volleyball girls, everyone at the scene put forward this answer, we did not win enough.  The events and award speeches of China’s top ten figures in 2019, the full version is as follows: Fan Jinshi Honorary Dean of Dunhuang Research Institute.Fan Jinshi grew up in Shanghai from an early age. After graduating from Peking University in 1963, he devoted most of his life to the Dunhuang Grottoes on the desert.People kindly called her Dunhuang’s daughter.For the sake of Dunhuang, Fan Jinshi and her husband separated for 19 years. Both of her sons were not well taken care of after birth, but she regarded Dunhuang Grottoes as life, rooted in the desert, and concentrated on the archaeological research and innovative management of the Grottoes.The Mogao Grottoes were phased in and phased out to build a digital Dunhuang and other important cultural relics research and protection project. In 2019, on the eve of National Day, Fan Jinshi was awarded the National Honor Medal.  Award speech: She Ban Bansheng, to the vast desert.Never from the famous lake to Mogao Grottoes, to guard the fire of the predecessors, to open up the way of tomorrow.Half a century of wind and sand, not everyone can withstand blows.A cavity of love, a hole painting, a cultural journey, from youth to gray hair.The heart is home to Dunhuang.  Sichuan Forest Firefighters On the afternoon of March 30, 2019, a forest fire broke out in Muli County, Liangshan, Sichuan. The Xichang Brigade, Liangshan Detachment, Sichuan Forest Firefighting Corps organized firefighters to go to the front line to carry out the rescue. On March 31, firefighters overcame difficulties such as steep mountains, deep trenches, dense forests, and lack of oxygen. They carried more than 30 pounds per person, walked for 8 hours on foot, and fought against forest fires at an altitude of more than 3,700 meters.In the afternoon, after the open fire was extinguished, the firefighters encountered a forest fire when they detoured to the two smoke points in the valley. 27 forest fire commanders and three local firefighters all died.  Award resignation: Youth has just debuted, the words are still in the ear, the child is about to be born, and the parents are drowning in tears.The loyal guardians of Qingshan, the perpetual opponents in distress, plunged into a fire and slept on both sides of the Muli River. You did not go far. Looking at the autumn leaves on the Liangshan, this year’s red is a big eye.  Zhu Lihua 43 years ago, Zhu Lihua, a native of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, was blind because of her injuries. She self-taught and became the only blind Chinese herbalist in the local area. She forced her to work for massage for more than 30 years and opened her own clinic to provide jobs for more than 100 disabled people.At the same time, she insisted on doing charity. Eventually, Zhu Lihua had subsidized 480 students from poor students and donated 373 million donations for the Hope Project.  Awards Dictionary: Unfortunately, you closed the door, but you opened the window for someone else.I have seen the shadow of this world, but still facing the light.In the dark, rely on your own hands to push out a splendid life.The most beautiful thing in the world can’t be seen or touched, but you can feel it.  Zhang Fuqing Retired cadre of Laifeng Sub-branch, Hubei Branch of China Construction Bank.Zhang Fuqing died nine times in the rain of gunfire and bullets in the War of Liberation. He was awarded three first-class merits and one second-class merit. He was awarded the special honor of the Northwest Field Army and was awarded the honorary title of Fighting Hero many times. After the founding of New China, he responded to the national call to take the initiative to work in the remote Laifeng County, Hubei Province, devoting his life to the impoverished mountainous areas.For more than 60 years, Zhang Fuqing deliberately blocked his achievements, even his children did not know.At the end of 2018, Zhang Fuqing’s deeds were discovered in the information collection of retired soldiers.  Awards Dictionary: I know you are simple and diligent, but you don’t know that you have made great achievements.You hide the medal deep in the bottom of the box, and the memory of your comrades in your heart.Never ask for credit, only to stick to the original intention of the mission, silently dedicate.Yu Guoyumin, you are a loyal and great soldier.  Gu Fangzhou, a well-known Chinese virology expert, is a pioneer in the development and production of polio vaccine.Passed away in January 2019.In 1957, the 31-year-old virologist Gu Fangzhou was ordered to contract an embryonic polio vaccine. In order to speed up the progress, he moved his family to the scientific research institute deep in Dashan, Yunnan. After the advent of the vaccine, Gu Fangzhou and colleagues tested the drugs on their own in addition to testing on animals. In order to determine the safety as soon as possible, Gu Fangzhou also secretlyConceal the family and feed your child the vaccine. Since the polio vaccine was introduced nationwide in 1965, the annual average incidence of polio has been 4 per 100,000 in 1949.06, down to 0/100,000 in 1993.046, to save hundreds of thousands of children from being disabled.In 2000, WHO declared China polio-free.  Presentation speech: It is not cruel to give up oneself, to be a child, it is a great benefactor of the doctor.Come for a big event, and go for a big event.Gongye condenses into a sugar pill, which is a cure-all panacea, and even a boxer.You are an ark, carrying the children of New China, through the catastrophe of the virus.  Du Lan You Duanyang October 1, 1949, Du Lan raised Macau’s first five-star red flag at Haojiang Middle School.After that, the National Flag Raising Ceremony will be held every year on the National Day and the 11th National Day. On the day of Macao’s return to the motherland, Du Lan, who was 87 years old, put down his cane and raised the national flag in person, passing on the love of the country to the children of Macau Haojiang Middle School.You Duanyang, the next principal of Haojiang Middle School, inherited Du Lan’s educational philosophy. In the 20 years after Macao’s return, a flag-raising ceremony was held every Monday to integrate patriotic feelings into the children’s learning life.  Presentation speech: Haojiang rises the wanderer’s dream.The spirit and ambition in the chaos, the vitality and the sharpness after returning, you have cultivated a noble spirit for it.The most meaningful job in the sun, the unending fire of the five-star red.Fly, this flag leaves the most beautiful memory of Macau.  Wu Shuqing, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hong Kong entrepreneur.Wu Shuqing’s family loved Hong Kong and loved Hong Kong. At the beginning of reform and opening up, Wu’s father and daughter went north to start a business and founded Beijing Aviation Food Co., Ltd. After the return of Hong Kong, Wu Shuqing was committed to exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, established an education fund, and actively promoted the understanding of Chinese history and culture among Hong Kong youth.Organized young people to go to the Mainland to exchange and study more than 100 times. Since the turmoil occurred, she has sternly prevented the student strikes initiated by the chaotic Hong Kong elements from becoming a thorn in the eyes and thorns in the flesh of the chaotic Hong Kong elements. They threatened to denounce and boycott Wu Shuqing and Meixin Group.In September 2019, Wu Shuqing appeared at the regular meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, and told the world about Hong Kong.  Award speech: Forty years ago, you said that something was worth doing; forty years later, you said that something must be done!More than sparse and unrelenting, although thousands of people go.Go beyond Hong Kong Island’s vision, and let Xu Mei not be held responsible.To love young people and love Hong Kong more is the beauty and conscience.  Huang Wenxiu  Huang Wenxiu returned to work in his hometown after graduating from Beijing Normal University. In 2018, he served as the first secretary of the village in Baini Village, Baise Leye County, Guangxi.Huang Wenxiu’s family is not rich. His father is seriously ill and under heavy pressure, Huang Wenxiu is always optimistic, cheerful and positive.From the beginning of entering the village, Huang Wenxiu worked hard to integrate into the local life, went from house to house, and learned the Guiliu dialect. For more than a year, she helped the village introduce sugar sugar orange cultivation techniques and taught the villagers to do e-commerce; coordinated the construction of each village.There was a garbage pond.In Huang Wenxiu’s tenure, 103 poor households in Baini Village successfully got rid of poverty in 88 households, and the village collective economic project income doubled. Huang Wenxiu’s notes in the village wrote: Every day is very hard, but I am very happy. In the early morning of June 17, 2019, Huang Wenxiu suffered a sudden torrent of tragic death and was only 30 years old.  Award presentation speech: Some people walked away from the mountain and never came back. You came back from the city but never left.When I came, I was terrified. I was afraid that I was not brave enough. When I left, I hurried and left the most beautiful Shaohua.The mountains of Baise, you are the most beautiful morning glow, the battlefield of poverty alleviation, you are a striking yellow flower.  Pan Weilian    Pan Weilian has taught at the School of Management of Xiamen University since 1988. Four years later, he applied for permanent residency and became the first foreigner to receive a Chinese green card in Fujian Province. Having worked and lived in China for 31 years, he knows and loves China and has witnessed the development and changes of China’s economy. He has successively helped Xiamen, Quanzhou and other places to win the Gold Award of the International Garden City.The title of citizen. In 2019, Pan Weilian published a new book “I’m Not Seeing Outside-Old Pan’s Letter from China”, which recorded and demonstrated the historical process and great changes of China’s reform and opening up from a unique perspective of foreigners.General Secretary Xi Jinping highly praised his absence, and praised Xiamen and Fujian as endorsers of China’s reform and opening up.  Award presentation speech: Open your heart and embrace it.Putting aside prejudice, the Pacific Ocean is not a distance.Write your China in the letter from your hometown, and read your affection between the lines.Come far away, live permanently, love deeply, we all like you to be out of sight.  Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team In the 1980s, the women’s volleyball team won five consecutive championships with hard work and became a model and pride for the Chinese people at that time.For thirty years, the charm of the women’s volleyball team has been fascinating, and fans have spread all over China, spanning generations. On the eve of the National Day in 2019, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup with an impressive record of 11 consecutive victories. This is also the tenth time that the Chinese women’s volleyball team has won the World Championship.The undefeated English style also became a profound testimony of the Chinese nation standing in the forest of nations in the world.  Award presentation speech: 30 years of hard work, generations of tears.Rise in the trough, never give up, and face a strong enemy, never fail.Your figure is the epitome of national character, and your footsteps are the development of a country.Playing the national anthem, raising the national flag, you are beyond sports and are the heroes of the country.Further reading: 2020 touches China’s 2019 top ten awards ceremony