“Not expensive in the township,Sent too much,They are also reluctant to use,Don’t be eye-catching。”There is indeed Fang Yourong who wants to be boasted and has his own ideas,Too much money is not a good thing。Besides,His real income is not much。
“Get up early tomorrow,Go home。”Sheng Zegang waved his delicate invitation,The auspicious days of the day after tomorrow will follow suit again,Tao:“I will take your parents over to attend Shengsan’s wedding。”
Fang Yourong nodded,fair enough,This can be regarded as losing his own thoughts。
Bring melatonin、Golden partner,Set off early in the morning。
Black evil emperor)
“What is the Four Walls?”Fang Yourong is quite dissatisfied with such words,And the city’s living conditions,The towns and towns that have only solved the problem of food and clothing are really so monotonous about software such as interior decoration,Villages and towns generally buy new furniture except for marriage,He won’t go home,Big brother is on the boat all year round,A lot of wood is prepared at home,But it didn’t cost after all,That wouldn’t be a family disciple,This petty bourgeoisie really can’t speak……but,If you can buy some furniture to take home and make up, it would be pretty good,Thought of this,Fang Yourongdao:“There is a furniture city by our national highway,Bring some furniture when you go back。”
Staring at the halazi“reluctantly”He agrees with his opinion,Humph,His family Yourong is really mean to him,So stingy,Calculate the tens of thousands of dollars all day,I don’t want to spend money on my parents。
“No matter what,I don’t have one。”Glancing at Sheng Zegang who is mocking him,Fang Yourong is dissatisfied:“I bought pension insurance and medical insurance for my parents last year。”
“After you graduate,Let me buy a house in the city for my aunt and uncle,It’s more convenient to live in a suite。(Where is the warm sun not falling)”Sheng Zegang, who wants to show his heart, promises,Not currently,He didn’t want to break the agreement with his mother,A lifestyle without too much material allows him to experience the closeness that is different from anything before。
Look at Sheng Zegang,Fang Yourong smiled:“Thank you,My parents are very rich,My store has also been doing business without capital for six or seven years,Not lacking in material,year,I greeted my family,As long as there is a need,Must support,Have a few at home,According to dad’s plan,Wait for my sister-in-law to see a doctor,Whether it’s able to or not,When children go to school, they have to go to the city,It’s just that housing prices are at their peak now,They are still waiting。”
Since Fang Yourong said that,Sheng Zegang won’t say much for now,It will be longer in the future,Don’t care about this for a while。Going on the national highway after crossing the river,Soon to the provincial road,According to Fang Yourong’s instructions,The small furniture city is just a little frustrated when seeing Shengsheng,This large factory building is also called“city”?He overestimated Xiaofang’s thinking。
Ignore Sheng Zegang’s petty bourgeoisie thoughts,He doesn’t have the ability to buy furniture at a high price like the Shengjia sister.,Besides, the family may move to a commercial house in the future,Ordinary furniture will be eliminated,Still moderate。(I walk alone)Fang Yourong’s instructions:“Don’t get out of the car,You won’t bargain,I’ll decide after reading it。”According to Sheng Zegang’s little style,Those shrewd businessmen will definitely make a fortune。
Hurry up,Fang Yourong, who had a good bargain, fixed the furniture without delay,Pay deposit and address,It can be loaded and delivered immediately,Took the receipt,They are one step ahead,A little hurry today,Have to hurry back in the afternoon。