“Silly?Don’t I want to enjoy beautiful love?What I want to say is not love game theory,Because in the game, apart from zero sum and negative sum,There is also a win-win。Simply put, let1+1more than the2,Put it in business and game love,Is to extend the shelf life of love as much as possible,For women who are inherently disadvantaged,Of course it’s best for a lifetime。”
Lu Yuxin continued to explain。
Guo Xiaoyi is completely dumbfounded,She has studied Chinese,She can understand what Lu Yuxin said,But put together,But she didn’t understand what Lu Yuxin meant?So that there are only question marks left。
“But before my silly brother,It’s easier to stay with you?”
“In terms of character,indeed so。If your brother is a very ordinary person,And I happened to be touched by him again,I will of course hope that he can keep going,But this is not the case。As you just said,Your brother is a very good man,The future is bound to shine,And i was his first love。”
“Isn’t that bad??”
“very good,But this world has many temptations。A successful man faces various temptations every hour or even every second,I can even assert,In the future, there will be countless women younger and more beautiful than me who will pounce on him like moths to the fire,His nature can help him resist the first temptation,Resist the second temptation,Even resist the hundredth temptation,But can you withstand the 100th time??Then for the first time,Do you think the second time is far away?”
“And when the number of betrayals increases,How does he feel when facing me?If he can die shamelessly,It’s okay to say,Everyone face it calmly,But what I fear most is that he will feel guilty。”
“Ok?why?”Guo Xiaoyi asked。
“Because human nature is complicated,You think that if you feel guilty, you will find ways to make up for it in other ways?Do not,It may also make two people go farther and farther,Because human nature will subconsciously make you avoid those who just see,People who feel guilty unconsciously。Because of your brother’s temperament,The probability that he will feel guilty is 100%。”Lu Yuxin replied。
Guo Xiaoyi suddenly realized:“Oh,So you want to cultivate my brother’s scumbag mentality,Then even if he really cheated,I can face you calmly?”
Lu Yuxin smiled,Then he shook his head very simply and resolutely:“You are wrong again,This can only be regarded as the last defensive measure at best,My goal is to make your brother never cheating!”