Wu Qingfeng’s copyright dispute case has been decided, and the court rejected Lin Weizhe’s civil suit
On April 16th, the soda green band lead singer Wu Qingfeng announced the verdict of the copyright dispute case. Sauna, Ye.net inquires about the official press release of the official website of the court. The intellectual property court ruling in the civil litigation part of the dispute case ruled to dismiss all litigation by Lin Weizhe and Wu Qingfeng won.The whole case can be appealed.For terrorism, Lin Weizhe accused Wu Qingfeng of violating the copyright law, and filed civil, criminal, and civil litigation claims for 8 million yuan respectively. In February this year, Wu Qingfeng was prosecuted by the Taipei Provincial Prosecutor ‘s Office, and the criminal part is still being tried.Announcement on the official website of the court.Looking back on the case, dating back to December 31, 2018, Wu Qingfeng and Lin Weizhe, who had been in cooperation for 15 years, issued a joint statement announcing the formal end of the cooperative relationship, and then the copyright dispute case was exposed.Due to the extension of the “Songs and Copyrights License Agreement” of the two in August 2008, the content agreed that until December 31, 2014, Wu Qingfeng’s music and lyrics were exclusively licensed to Lin Weizhe. If you have any comments on the content of the contract, you shouldThree months before the expiration of the period, objections shall be filed in writing, otherwise the contract will be automatically extended by 1 year.However, after the two did not cooperate in 2018, Lin Weizhe held that Qingfeng did not “submit objections in writing,” claiming that the copyright contract was still valid after January 2019.After the case was tried by the court, although Wu Qingfeng did not raise a written objection, the two parties issued another statement on December 31, 2018, which stated that “Qingfeng decided to come out and sing himself”, “try to be a producer.”, “Next, I will handle my own work affairs” and other contents, which means that there is actually written information between the two people and they agree that there is no “song authorization relationship” between them. According to this judgment, the court ruled that Lin Weizhe lost the lawsuit.It is reported that Wu Qingfeng sang at the Taipei Arena from February 22nd to 23rd this year, and announced that the soda green band would be joined again. On the second day of the concert, Wu Qingfeng was sued by the Taipei District Attorney’s Office.Then Wu Qingfeng reluctantly wrote: “I have always been worthy of myself, worthy of everything, there is nothing to worry about,” Chang Wen responded.As a civilian, Wu Qingfeng Record Company Universal Music also responded to Sauna and Yewang: “Qingfeng has never transferred the copyright of lyrics to Lin Weizhe Music Club, and the lyrics created by Qingfeng are owned by Qingfeng himself.Regarding the success of the civil lawsuit, Wu Qingfeng’s affiliated Universal Music said: “Thanks to the judge of the Civil Court of the Intellectual Property Court for ascertaining the truth, so that Qingfeng can concentrate on music-related work with peace of mind. “Lin Weizhe did not respond.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Yani proofread Zhao Lin