“learn,I certainly understand,husband,This life encounters you,Is our luck。”Tang Yin Yao whispered:“There is also a news on the side of the snow.,But not very certain。”
“Does the news from Tangjia??”Lin Feng heard the slight excitement。
“Um,I have a result of a predecessor in the Central Asian region in the Central Asia.。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“She may have mastered a worship!”
NS820chapter Countermeasure
“Zoroastrianism?”Lin Feng heard the little loss,The fire is a big gold forces in Central Asia.,Inheritance for a long time。
The bottom is very deep,Dragon home not under words,Under the power of Tang family,Even mysterious,Some gold forces in these years and some golden forces,But there is no exemption,This can imagine the horror of this forces。
http://www.96cyw.cn “Worship the new one of the teachers。”Tiyin Yao explained:“Oriental Yin is mysterious,More than two years ago, like air,Add to worship,Become this one’s worship teaching。”
“Oriental。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Shedy,Oriental。”
“Oriental Inn,Xue Yin from Huaxia,Oriental,I think she is a word called a word.,The surname is directly oriental。”Tiyin Yao explained。
“You feel that it is her mother.?”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Go see if you don’t know.。”Tang Yao Yao:“But the history is also evil in history.,After entering the modernity,People who are teaching and the means of magic are almost unhappy.,Do not say extreme cruel is almost almost。”
“I understand this,I want to take a look at it.,Is there a letter to the cold??They all have two more than two years.,These people are inherited for so long.。”Lin Feng Road,Bear http://www.lead-lighting.cn the big brother Tang Baohu,This brother Zhang Shazhu is so。
“This must,They are probably very powerful.。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“I am estimated that I will condense out of my god.。”
“indeed so,Garnad was condensed out of the Yuan god.。”Lin Feng heard the micro-moving road:“This so-called inheritance is terrible。”
“But the more powerful people saved it.,The harder it, the harmonious,Even understanding of Nirvana,Maybe Qing Han can only comprehend a niece。”Tang Yin Yao Road。
“It’s not up.,I have no progress in the past two years but there is no progress.。”Lin Feng’s mouth with bitter smile:“But I don’t know what to use to completely heal my soul injury.,I first heard the words of noord of God.。”
“this problem,Yue Moon Sister told me,Want to completely cure,Phoenix blood。”Tiyin Yao explained:“And the blood of http://www.zyxwq.cn this Phoenix has mastered the great power in the island,She enters the island,But didn’t find it。”
“Island country?I have to take a time to look at it.。”Lin Feng looked at the direction of the East,I don’t know why he remembers Sakawa Sakura.。
“Um。”Tang Yao Yao。
At this time, it is dead.,Sun Litian,Xu Fengli,Members of Ye Tiancang and other Qinglong Chamber of Commerce have come over,Hold incense,Move into the wine,The wild is coming to the scene of Pervenation。
Lin Feng’s figure gave up,Personally put these wild flavors,Later,Be incense with everyone,salute,After all of this,All members of the backbone are left。
“You also heard about this matter.,Allocate,What is the view??”Lin Feng looked at the people。
“Vacuum nuclear technology is very horrible!”Sun Liki point:“I am a huge threat to my Huaxia.,Under the church, it is hard to survive,Even if Nirvana is attacked,It is also difficult to survive。”
“The only flaw is the speed,soul。”White is dead and explained。
“good,soul,Speed is defective。”Lin Fengwen is not concealed,Will kill Liu Sheng sword in the Pacific Ocean,Jin Jiu Shun,Shi Ningg’s things tell out,Self-explosion devices including these so-called biochemical people。
This is also the most crisis,Tasty。
Sun Litian,White is not ridiculous, listening to Lin Feng’s explanation,I have frowning,This is too dangerous,Playing the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce present,I am afraid in addition to Lin Feng,Sun Litian,Alone,Other people have no chance to escape.。
“to be honest,If it is attacked,I am afraid it is difficult to avoid。”Lin Fengxin has a little bit:“This is a conventional weapon.。”
“Really spicy hands。”Sun Li Tian Wen Yan frown:“The most terrible thing is energy production,This social nucleate material is very much,The only thing worthy of this is this star Xuan iron material limit,I am afraid I can’t produce.。”
“Yes,As long as we put all the destruction of them。”White is not angry。
“good,This is the only good way.。”Tao Yao also nodded。
“No more,Brother continues to go to their underground burial。”The golden big roms are holding a flue:“This is negotiated with them。”