Bamboo。 at this time,Two residuals come straight。 It is Junhong and Xuantong real person。 At this moment, the two are angled.,The clothes are messy。 Their expression is also extraordinarily,Full of endless killing and hate。 “Ah——Haze!” Junhong is roaring,A white-haired dance,The violence in the eyes and the 狰狞。 Rush,He climbs the momentum to the extreme,Continuous boxing,A Continue Reading

And Shen Xuan took the team a few steps.,I quickly saw the reason for Xiao Yu.。 Only see,Under a big tree in front,There are more than a dozen wild wolves to the ground,Seems to be rest。 “I go,Wolf group!” Chen Feihu, a little scream,Some incredible。 after all,The last time they were chased by the wolf Continue Reading

at this time,Several people outside the door stood outside the huge gate fence outside the newborn,What surprised them was that the grenade was still off,But that Lei unbiasedly blasted a hole in the lower right of the birth point,Triggered the hidden mechanism on the arena map。 I saw countless crocodiles coming out of the Continue Reading

“Mr. Xu will sit at the head table to accompany the vice minister,We naturally have to sit here for company,Please change table,Thank you。” The leading man with a wide forehead said coldly,A bit arrogant in his tone。 “Mr. Xu?You are from the Lee Group?”Tang Hao was surprised。 “Not bad。”Wide forehead man nodding,A sense of superiority。 Continue Reading

Tianyu came to the inner world and said coldly。 A figure appeared in front of her,The old face makes people think that it is almost in the ground,It is Yuntian,When Lin Yan’s vitality was only three days left, the inner world gradually collapsed,He also gradually fell asleep,Everything in the body is aging。 “How did you Continue Reading

If suspended3Okay to say,if5Field words,Then Kobe and Iverson consume too much,Not in line with their previous thoughts。 But it’s over,Can’t just be sorry,Have to think of a way。 Before being taken to the hospital by Kupchak for a checkup,In the locker room,Shen Huan first called Professor Deville。 Heard what Shen Huan said,Deville said he would Continue Reading

“I have a hasty,Who is this scolding me behind……” Qin Liang said to himself。 When Qin Liang came out of the toilet after smoking,But accidentally ran into Liu Yong who had just returned from the interview。 “Yeah,Lord Liu,You’re gone?” Qin Liang greeted Liu Yong with a smile。 “Why are you here?I just came back from Continue Reading

“Do you want me to call her out?She greeted us when she came back,Then I took a shower by myself,I never saw her again,I guess she ran downstairs to sleep。” Liu Xiaoyun replied。 “Oh,Forget it,Stop calling her,That girl is different from you,She has to work during the day,I went out to toss you all night Continue Reading

“Of course I do,Why am I not willing?It’s a happy thing to have sisters taking care of,How could i be unwilling。” Meizi is telling the truth right now,The fact is indeed like this,With a sister like Shen’s fourth elementary school,That for plum,Is definitely a very good thing,It’s like this no matter what。 No matter how Continue Reading

Sauna Night News On December 3, the world’s first pilot trailer for the Marvel movie “Black Widow” was released.The film will be released in North America at the beginning of May 1, 2020.The film is directed by Kate Shotland (“Girl Lohol” and “Berlin Syndrome”), Scarlett Johansson returns to starring, Florence Poe (“Female Drummer” “Little Woman”), Continue Reading