“Oh?Paper cranes??I always hear people say this thing can be blessed,Mu Luo, do you care about anything??” Shi Mu Luo originally folded the paper cranes in his hands,Intend to throw it on the ground,Put together with others,But haven’t done it yet,Was picked up by Qi Xianwei。 “Too much happened recently,Always inexplicable people against you,Against Qi Continue Reading

Here after all,These things,Wei Shasha never thought about it before。 “you said,All true?” Wei Shasha subconsciously looked in front of her eyes,I’m very curious talking here。 Seeing Wei Shasha say this,Wang Teng nodded,A noncommittal look。 Actually such a thing,In itself,There is nothing to entangle at all。 And now,Almost processed,But there is no need to spend Continue Reading

He looked at the pool animal: “Pool animal husbandry,You look backX.Lgroup。” Pool Pasto,Some surprised:“Small seven,You suspect it isX.Lgroup?” Ling Yuchen is also shocked:“This group seems to have found you when you return to China.?” Lu Weijun:“They not only found me,New mobile phone on the market,At that time they were necessary,I didn’t give,Such a good product,Naturally, Continue Reading

“White clothes?Isn’t that a captain??” Night is not hesitant,Direct Princess Put Ji Ji,Take the fastest transient,Rowed to the direction of Shi Tian Yulong。 His task is to defeat the three captains,Just a more wood sword alone,This will still be two?。 Waiting for the night with weaving,When I arrived in the area where Ishidian rain dragon,It Continue Reading

Eddie Jones dribbled forward,Doug-Christie changes defense to Eddie Jones,Quickly stopped him。 no solution anymore,Still fell into position。 Fall into position,Kobe didn’t panic,No rush。 Dangling leisurely at the bottom corner of the three-pointer,Horry and Eddie Jones hold the ball high,Ready to look for opportunities。 John-Long eyeing!As alive~Former Minister of the Serbian Dynasty,The coach’s purpose in putting Continue Reading

“These guys are all actors,From whom。”The magician laughed,Didn’t learn much skills,Install13The Lakers’ bench is not weaker than others! “I bet I learned from Shaq。” Bang! After the battle between Kobe and Jordan in the first quarter,The benches of the two sides launched a confrontation again! FisherVSCole。 HorryVSKukchi。 Van ExelVSParish。 Both sides’ substitutes are a model Continue Reading

“let me tell you,Don’t even think about scoring this game,Look at my biceps,Look at my big fist,Dare you,I’ll press it for you, believe it or not。” “To shut up,spiced corned egg。” Gary-Payton continues to spew trash talk,In his opinion, the average rookie must burst his mentality under his trash talk。 “Terrible,Marinated egg has a mouth。”Kobe Continue Reading

“Yes,There are many people with Jing’er upstairs now,A few people will not have any effect at all,So if Xiaoyun is called out now,There is a 90% chance that Xiaoxue will also come with her。” Chen Hao said confidently。 “Well,Then talk to Xiaoyun alone,Anyway, chances are,She won’t leave today。” Answers approved by Yang Shiyun。 The next Continue Reading

Mandarin duck with a smiley face,Whisper。 “how?Not looking good?” The man froze,Reached out and took out a thick big wallet from his arms,Randomly grab a dozen bills from inside,Thrown into the arms of the mandarin duck。 “Can you drink with me now??” The man raised the glass again。 “Sorry,Really sorry……I’m not giving you face,I really Continue Reading

Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t know how to say。 “Correct,Give you another metal bucket,Some more tools for you,It is estimated that in these ten days,You can build a villa here,Haha。” Yanzi immediately teased her little sister,She really admires Liu Xiaoyun,Can train the boring survival。 “Actually it’s not impossible,You can pick some round stones back,And put it on Continue Reading