Wang Yuan reaches out,Motion the man to sit down,Said:“Don’t follow along,I want her to drink it alone。” The one who made a fuss sat down obediently。Saleswoman holding up a cup,Said:“Didn’t you say you want another bottle?,I’ll get you wine first,Otherwise I’ll faint for a while,Can’t take it anymore。”Talking,Going out。 Wang Yuan said:“stop,Drink this cup before Continue Reading

“Next,You need to do two things。” Ye Tianzong’s tone is indifferent。 And listen to his tone,Is not going to hold myself,Mo Tiandao just breathed a sigh of relief,Nodded repeatedly:“Mr. Ye, please order,As long as i can do,Must do so,Even if you can’t,I will also find a way。” “the first,Things tonight,I don’t want to promote it。and Continue Reading

Murong Qianxue is the only one who can feel the change,When my mental power touches that disc,Seems to have great attraction,Completely indiscriminate,Like a black hole,Deep and silent。 Intuition tells her that Xia Chenglong is not an opponent,Even if the man’s trick is equally strong。 The sky of Bencheng has long changed because of the battle Continue Reading

Xia Chenglong said it,The other party naturally cannot refuse。 For Ye Ziqi,This is a very good thing,Safer after all。 “No way,No way,My level is too low,Even if I want to help you,Others won’t be convinced。” “rest assured,Zeng Fenglong will support you unconditionally,and……Although I will be away for a while,But will come back from time to Continue Reading

Sang Xiaoxi looked at him:“If you really love me,Do you still say these things?Is my life important,Villagers are more important to you。After all,You still want to take the credit,Your Royal Highness’s position in the court,Can go to the next level。” Ouyang Shuo suddenly clenched his fists:“original,That’s how you think of this king in your heart。” Continue Reading

Until now,Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun are always playing puzzles,No one would say what this lynching is,Only the two of them understand each other what the other is talking about,This is also a tacit understanding,A kind of spiritual communication。 “I won’t do it!I won’t go anyway。” Qin Liangyue said so,Liu Xiaoyun is more afraid,Those who Continue Reading

“Regardless of,You called my sister Xiaoxue yourself,My old sister can testify,You want to deny it now?Don’t think about it,fast,Call my sister。” Shen Ruoxue said irrationally。 “Old sister,Did you see?Also bring this……Obviously younger than me,Forced me to be my sister。” Liu Xiaoyun began to pull Shen Ruoxi into the water,She knew that Shen Ruoxi would not Continue Reading

It caused Chen Hao to cry out involuntarily,That voice,Make Qin Liang’s whole bone crunch。 “This voice,I really want to commit crimes。” Chen Hao flushed,Struggling to get up,But it was too nervous,Hand slip,Fell again,The whole person fell on Qin Liang’s body,Her sexy lips,I almost kissed Qin Liang’s lips。 Chen Hao scared,Strength coming soon,Got up from Qin Continue Reading

Wu Guanqi said:“I am not satisfied。” Yin Nan smiled:“What else?” Wu Guanqi said again:“right now,Please close your eyes,Prepare for new life……” Yin Nan was shocked,Subconsciously raised his head from Wu Guanqi’s arms,Except Wu Guanqi’s half-open upper body,The rest does not matter“New life”Signs of。 Wu Guanqi“Haha”laughing out loud,Said:“It seems,Do you know where the new life comes Continue Reading

Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t know how to say。 “Correct,Give you another metal bucket,Some more tools for you,It is estimated that in these ten days,You can build a villa here,Haha。” Yanzi immediately teased her little sister,She really admires Liu Xiaoyun,Can train the boring survival。 “Actually it’s not impossible,You can pick some round stones back,And put it on Continue Reading