That guy finally woke up Lao Liu and others……
“what!People!Where’s the stone!”
Liu Laoyi wakes up,I found that all the stones in the rock storage room were gone!His face changed suddenly,Jumped from the ground,Shouted hoarsely。
“willow……Liu Lao!Was called by that kid to move away!”
The guy said with a trembling body!
“what?Fuck!He dared to grab something from Young Master Zhuang!He is dead!Absolutely dead!I’m going to find Young Master Zhuang,Tell him this!And you guys will call me up the video just now,I want to show it to Shao Zhuang!”
Liu Lao looked terrifying,Said viciously。
“Yes!Liu Lao!”
Those guys hurriedly went and carved the video they just recorded,In the hands of Mr. Liu,Old Liu took the video and left the store in a hurry,Anxiously rushed to see his master Zhuang Sheng……
Such a big thing happened in the store,I must report to Shao Zhuang immediately!Such terrible consequences,It’s not something Mr Liu can afford!
More than an hour later,Liu Lao came to a very luxurious villa!
“Is Young Master Zhuang at home??”
Liu Laoxiang asked the people who looked like bodyguards in front of the villa。
“Yeah,So it’s Mr. Liu,How come you have time today?Master is here!”
A bodyguard smiled and answered。
“it is good,I’m looking for Young Master Zhuang in a hurry!”
Lao Liu can’t take care of greetings either,Said anxiously。