The bald head is still the bald head,Just stood there,Still now there。
As for the dragon“Serious injury”,It is even more,At this time, the light head is more broken in pajamas.,Other ass。
And because of fear of night,Grupted his fees with various reasons,Originally can bokely smash the word building,Actually directly with your face。
Night head this kind of no one,More than letting the dragon roll gas,Instead, she is more and more angry。
What do you think so if you perform a vomiting?,Dragon can not be exhausted,Why do you feel like a fool?。
Night weak vomiting,I want to hit the bald head in a coma.,So far,Such people seem to have not appeared yet.。
Because I saw the light head“Resist”Characteristics,Dragon can no longer be left。
Direct use“superpower”Role on the body,Instead of controlling objects to attack。
Tornado“superpower”,Wan as usual“wack”generally,Direct use“superpower”Tangible,Mobile his bones,Plan to come to a bone。
But the dragon roll is very fast.,I am not bad for myself.,I have been proud of it.“superpower”,Just just let the body shake the body
And the latter still standing there,No one digging nostrils,Looking up to floating the dragon rolls in the air。
“Oh,Pure white,But it is a young girl,Nothing to see。”
There is no doubt that,This battle,This unilateral beating,I have continued to go to the evening,Until the dragon“superpower”Exhaustion,Qi Yu is also fart.。
In the end, the night is exhausted home.,And Qi Yu sent Jenos to repair。
“Night,Who is the bald head??He is so strong,Why did you,I don’t know what she knows.?”
The dragon roll is behind the night,Some unwilling to ask the origin of the bald head。
Although it is extremely unwilling,But proud of her,I have to admit it.,I am totally not the opponent of the head。
It’s totally she attacking the bald head.,And the other party has no hit at all,Wave,First tired,Actually or yourself
Powerful,Already another group,Dragon roll even feels,“sLevel hero”More than a dozen,Is it an opponent of a bald??
“Qi Yu’s guy is different.,He broke his own limiter shackles。
strictly speaking,Although he is like a human,But the upper limit is no longer able to describe humanity.。”
Counting the whole one punch,Really able to fight against Qi Yu,Only the later stage became“wack”,And also break the self-limiting“Hungry wolf”Already。
Even the universe hegemony Boros is not,Although I can play so long,But that is entirely the active water in order to enjoy the battle.。
“But my sister is rest assured,I am also unknone.,One day in the morning and evening, I will put him on the ground.,Give you a revenge。”
I think that I usually have various pits of Qiyu,And your strength,I have no way to take him again.,Night is always biting teeth。
Chapter 140 Heroic assessment begins
And in the dragon roll,HalfzCity has become ruins。
In the ruins,A residential building is like a single seedlings.,In the ruins around,Extremely loudly。
This is also the unilateral beating of the dragon volume.,The only mobile and shot,Just to keep yourself where you live.。
And goodzThe city is originally no longer living.,Otherwise, today’s dragon roll is so troublesome.,Probably die of many people。
Siyu’s room,Jenos, which has been repaired,Preparing dinner for Qi Yu。