It’s okay for the formation,Puppetry makes the old man Jiang fall into a state of obsession,It’s a pity that there are too few information handed down,With his qualifications,I want to revive the lost fairy puppet technique with just a few conceptual things,Difficulty test,The old man was poor for thirty years,After numerous ups and downs,Finally, I finally developed a formed puppet。
But this puppet is a bit nondescript,Half spell、Semi-mechanical,Very inconvenient to use,Unable to command with consciousness and spirituality,Worked hard for a long time,Continuous improvement,In the end, it is still difficult to reach the minimum standard of fairy puppetry。
Chapter Ninety Seventeen Lone Wolf Exploration Camp
Old man Dong has a good relationship with Mr Jiang,While practicing diligently on the path of cultivating immortals, he also began to study puppetry under the influence of Old Man Jiang.,At first he thought that Old Man Jiang had gone wrong,Blindly emphasize the shaping and production of crystal soul,And ignore the role of formation,A real puppet can’t be done after all。
later,With the deepening of Dong Lao Tau’s research,He finally discovered the real reason why the fairy puppet technique was lost,Cruel,It is impossible for a person with a low cultivation base to make a real puppet,to be honest,Only the cultivation base reaches Mahayana、Only the strong in the combined period can refine the fairy puppets,They just got the golden core,Not even Yuan Ying,Yelling about refining puppets,It’s a joke。
Old man Jiang is in the right direction,The core of the puppet is indeed the crystal soul,How did the crystal soul come?Old man Jiang also got the right direction,Use gray crystal、Special materials such as black crystals seal a strand of divine consciousness refined by the golden core,Then slowly cultivate,Re-establish contact between spiritual consciousness and self-consciousness,Only this can synchronize the actions of the puppet with his own thinking,This is the most core and basic。
Say something bad,Jin Dan’s condensed consciousness is too weak,Can’t coordinate with one’s own consciousness at all,If you cultivate to the state of Mahayana,,Then the result is completely different,In the final analysis, it’s still not enough,No matter how complicated the formation is, you can participate in the research,But the cultivation base is too weak,There is no way,Forced refining,Then there will be old man Jiang’s four that don’t look like a puppet,Unable to command with consciousness,Can only use motion to make the puppet feel,It doesn’t make much sense in actual combat。
of course,According to legend, there are demons with lower cultivation bases that can refine complex puppets,The key is to use sorcery,Steal the consciousness and soul of other powerful people to refine the crystal soul,This kind of evil way is despised by the right way,Old man Jiang has no shortcuts。
But no matter how old Dong persuades,Old man Jiang is still obsessed with puppetry,He always believes that one day he will be able to refine his instructions、A real puppet who can fight。
Until I saw the war puppet left by Li Tianzhen,The old man Dong, who was deeply shocked, said that although he figured out some truth,But in fact, I’m still watching the sky,This kind of puppet resembling a real person is the real masterpiece。
That’s why Old Man Dong has paid more attention and thoughts to Li Tianzhen,But then I witnessed the battle on the sea with my own eyes,Li Tianzhi broke out,This son and the monstrous power of the demon brought the old man Dong’s feelings of sitting in a well and watching the sky to the extreme,Let the old man deeply understand what the world is,What is the truth。