at this time,Several people outside the door stood outside the huge gate fence outside the newborn,What surprised them was that the grenade was still off,But that Lei unbiasedly blasted a hole in the lower right of the birth point,Triggered the hidden mechanism on the arena map。
I saw countless crocodiles coming out of the hole,Like a puddle of mercury,Pouring in the arena。The ferocious crocodile first filled the exhausted moat below the birth point,The scene was quite lively and shocking。
A prompt from the system:“Blackwind Mountain Racer‘trigger’Map hiding mechanism,Arena entry‘Deathmatch mode’!”
“Deathmatch mode?”The few players hiding in the birthplace don’t know what happened outside,Each look dumbfounded……
“Look at the score!”Zhao Ping suddenly found the difference,The score of the original kill mode has been changed to deathmatch mode!
“Actually cleared the record?God helps me too!”Feng Xichuan smiled,As if to see the hope of victory again。
“Wow!I know this map is not that simple!There is still such a deathmatch mechanism hidden……”Military teacher thought,It seems we must study this map carefully,Maybe there are other undiscovered Easter eggs hidden!
“What is deathmatch mode?Never heard of it!”
More than Mountain King Liu Banshan,Even Lu Yi and Yang Yin, who are in a fierce fight, don’t know what happened.。
at this time,Anna Cao in front of the notebook witnessed the incident,So immediately log on to the official website of the Fool’s National Service,Found this news:
Emergency notice:tonight20Click on time for non-stop updates,Main increase,“Arena”The map opens the hidden mechanism“Deathmatch mode”。
Trigger condition one:Game progress15Minutes incomplete game winning conditions;
Condition two:And at the same time satisfy,The birth point of a player is destroyed!
Welcome everyone to experience this surprise!(In deathmatch mode,Players will no longer resurrect after death,Must live to the end!Tips:Watch out for Mr. Crocodile、Don’t touch the button of the explosive device!)