Liu Wei is around,One side,“How is the drie now??well enough。”
“Uh……I don’t know if I don’t know.。”Menghai shook his head smiles,“Since the injury,White plus is stunned,I……I am also inconvenient.。”
Liu Yu nodded,Not continuing this topic,It is a swift,“Meng Mr. Meng,Let me talk about what summer things about that summer.。”
“it is good。”
Meng Haibang,Information about yourself,I don’t know that there is no uncomfortable.。
In fact,What he knows,White family knows,And he doesn’t know,White family is also clear。
soon,The two entered the woods in the woods。
Liu Wei stops,Looking around the ground,View a few trees,at last,He slowly,Pick up a thumb up branch from the ground。
Branches are brown,Sound spot。
Liu Yi will put it on the nose,Gently sniff,Face,Subsequently speed up the footsteps。
Not in a moment,Some dead leaves with blood,Gravel and wood chips were gathered by him.。
“Meng Mr. Meng,Trouble you will test the blood above.,Then tell me the results,Remember confidentiality。”
“it is good,I’ll go now。”
Menghai immediately arranged,Liu Yi continues to go deep into,Come to the woods,Pony。
Unexpected,He once again found some blood。
Liu Wei’s mood becomes more and more。
Just after he left,A big tree flashes a red ruddy old man。
He looked at the direction of Liu Wei left.,Looking down at the hands of a blood with blood,“Liu Wei,I didn’t expect white home to send you.。”
Immediately shake your head,That double is not a shadow,It turned out to flash a voice-like smile,“I will see the child.,He will be very surprised.。”
A black car parked on the side of the road。
Car rear seat,A black tight dress,Have blonde Western woman,High-rise building in front of you through the window。
She said with fluent English,“Augustas,Our enemies,In the inside。”
Drivers driving the same are also a Western youth,At this moment, I also have to watch.,The look is filled with hatred,“What should we do??”
“Kill him,Grab the supreme ring belonging to the Christian family。”
Western women’s voice is cold,Fully killing,“He first revenge for his comrades,Overlook the God,Kill our father……”
Paused,Her eyes become poisoned,“I have got a message,He still has a comrades in Qinghai,We need to give him a surprise。”
Western Youth Headed up,Revolve,“Is it two people?,he……”
“Do not worry,Now I have reached the peak of the ban.,and……We also have a strong helper。”
The woman’s look is full of proud,“This time,He is dead。”
after get off work,There is no four in the summer.,Instead, the dead skin is sitting on Liu Qingqing.,In the same eyes of a staff member,Leave the company。
Liu Qingqing is not too urgent,More surprises。
“What’s wrong with you?”
“nothing much。”Summer staring at your eyes,“I just want to pass away from you.,Let the company’s women know difficult。”