“I see who dares!”Jiao Yuan raised his head and voiced cold,“Don’t see where this is!Believe it or not, I arrested you all!”
What he said is mighty and domineering,This is Hayang,Is his turf,It’s not the turn of others to dominate here!
A few bodyguards stopped immediately,Didn’t dare to do it,To know,Jiao Yuan casually ordered,I’m afraid they won’t think of Heyang。
Chen Yi was yelled at by Jiao Yuan,The momentum suddenly dropped,I looked at Jiao Yuan rather unwillingly,His face turned coldly:“Secretary Jiao,My husband happened in your Heyang,If he has three long and two short,I’m afraid you have to take the main responsibility?”
“I don’t need you!”Jiao Yuan turned his head and looked at Mo Xiaosheng,Low channel:“Xiaomo,Do you want to go in first?”
“Hold on。”Mo Xiaosheng said solemnly:“Let them take out the glass ballast first,Give a blood transfusion to Mr. Guo。”
Mo Xiaosheng’s voice fell,The door of the emergency room was slammed open,A doctor wearing a mask rushed out,Chong Jiao Yuan Anxiously:“Secretary Jiao,Oh no,patient……The patient is out of breath!”
Jiao Yuan’s body trembled suddenly,I just feel black in front of me,Stagger,Almost fell。
“secretary!”Lian Shujie quickly helped him,I feel so sad,he knows,Guo Yuansheng’s death,It will be a painful blow to Heyang。
I came to Heyang to invest in a capital, but I died unexpectedly,As soon as the news spread,How many people dare to come to Heyang to invest again?
First0149Zhang Muyuan’s Breathing Array
“Secretary Jiao,I,We have tried our best。”At this time, Xiang Pei, director of surgery at Heyang People’s Hospital, hurried out with the other doctors.,Seeing Jiao Yuan’s face full of shame,Some gaping。