First135chapter The battle has begun!!(One more subscription!Ask for monthly pass!)
Inside the TV,The reporter is interviewing Zheng Rongrong。
Zheng Rongrong in a formal suit,Looks radiant。
reporter:“Mr. Zheng,Everyone is talking,You are losing money this time,It took a whole7Billion in publicity funds,In the end but not got1Billion return。What do you think?”
Zheng Rongrong smiled:“When any company expands new business,Need huge capital investment to open up the market。Although we spent7Billion,It looks like this number is much larger,But the rewards are much more than that。”
reporter:“Oh?Can you elaborate?”
Zheng Rongrong replied:“First first,Which is what we got recently《love letter》Distribution rights,in this aspect,We expect to get2Billion yuan issuance fee,Plus some previous income,We actually just spent4About 100 million。
Then the second,Is also more important,in《love letter》prior to,Who wants to believe that Shanhai.com is really making a movie?They all think we are unprofessional,Not a good choice。
But now it’s different,Everyone passed《love letter》,I know that Shanhai.com has the confidence and strength to make movies。So many good producers in the future、Director and actor,Will choose to cooperate with us,This has greatly improved the image of our Shanhai.com!
In this respect,Our reputation and understanding,It is not4Billions of advertising costs can be compared!If there is such a chance next time,We will definitely be more active,Strive to build a good brand!”
reporter:“But you are so generous,Doesn’t it affect the company’s profitability??”
“We are now in the stage of developing new business,There are no hard and fast rules on profitability,What is needed is to integrate into the entire TV and movie circle as soon as possible。”Zheng Rongrong’s confident way,“This circle is too old,So we newcomers join in,Will bring great changes!Please wait and see!”
Turned off the TV,Gan Liangchen, chairman of Shining Technology, laughed,“This princess is really bold!As expected of Boss Zheng’s daughter!Look like her father!”
“Who said no?”Qian Wangxi, his subordinate, said,“7Billions of huge capital smashed in,Everyone was shocked,Not to mention the small group of people in the movie circle。”