Here,Song Fang is dressed,Jumped off the bed,Stood in front of Chen Erniu,She shouted sharply:“enough!I steal a man at home,Didn’t you steal women outside?”
Wang Lijun’s raised hand,When I heard Song Fang’s sentence,Can’t help but stop in the air,He gritted his teeth and said:“You nonsense,What evidence do you have for me”
“evidence!Don’t forget,Your current factory,Most of the people in it are my former colleagues”Song Fang said,Forced up step by step。
Wang Lijun may be ashamed,I couldn’t help but take a step back。
“Divorce!Our marriage is dead in name,Continue like this,No longer makes much sense,You are united with outsiders,Come against me,You are Qian, this ugly is not too big?”Song Fang said,Tears shed。
Wang Lijun smiled,Say coldly:“Want to divorce,can,You can go out,My mom brought up the baby anyway,Don’t you want”Wang Lijun said that,I don’t care about the relationship between husband and wife for many years。
“Bastard!What are you talking about?If you don’t always run outside these years,Can still have today”Wang Lijun’s old lady suddenly appeared,Raise your hand and slap your son。
Seeing Wang Youcai,Busy with smiley said:“aunt!You can’t blame Lijun for this”
“roll!You all get out,This is my family business,What’s the relationship with you?You one by one,No good intentions,I just want to kill this family”Old man cursed,Pick up the broom on the ground,Slapped over,Several men in the room,She was kicked out abruptly。
Xia Jian after a busy day,While dreaming,Suddenly a villager knocked on his door:“Chief Xia!Get up soon!Something happened to Song Fang’s house,You go see”
Xia Jianyi listen,Got up hurriedly,When he gets dressed and goes out,Fang Fang is already standing in the yard,She yawned and said:“I go with you,It’s late at night”
When Xia Jian came to Song Fang’s gate,,I saw a lot of villagers around to watch the excitement,From the west room where Song Fang lives,From time to time, there are women’s intermittent crying。
“Go back to bed soon!What is the excitement in the middle of the night?”Zhao Hong suddenly came over,She shouted loudly as she walked,She seems to know about it。
Song Fang’s room,Chen Erniu naked,Stand aside,Mixed body bruise,It seems that Wang Lijun did not take lightly on him just now。Song Fang sitting by the bed,She cried so much,When I saw Xia Jian,The sound is even louder。
Wang Lijun’s old lady kept telling Wang Lijun,And Wang Lijun lowered his head,Silent,It seems that he is also self-conscious。
Xia Jian glanced at the messy bed,I have figured it out,He shouted at Chen Erniu:“Don’t put on clothes yet?”