Everyone at the scene was terrified,With lessons from this morning,Everyone is more vigilant。It’s just that no matter how fast other people move,Not as fast as a horse。Lu Shanshan was terrified by the horse,My feet hurt in the morning,This scared foot started to hurt again。But this time it’s not just the foot pain,She twisted,The whole body fell to the ground。The heavy costume suffocated her,If the staff on the side came to rescue,She thinks she might be dead。
“what happened,Prop group,Where is the prop set?Do you want to kill people??”
Chapter Seventy One Black hole
Although the on-site personnel are very impatient,But something happened,All of them became head-shrinking turtles。
“It’s none of our business,If there is a problem with the carriage,That naturally is our responsibility,But you borrowed this horse,We have no experience in raising horses,How do you know what’s going on with the horse。”
Director got a headache,But it’s not easy for him to continue cursing。This group of props is not easy to mess with,All of them are so bad,Say again,Not come directly next time。After all, everyone in the studio needs a prop set,This props crew has to catch up with the next crew。
“We all prepare props like this,Why did something happen to you,It seems to be a gas field problem。”
The director glared at Lu Shanshan suddenly,Although the prop group is hateful,But they are right,Why didn’t other crews have so much trouble,Only their crew has it?This is a bit critical。The hookups between other cast members are also private hookups,The assistant on the side dare not say anything。Only their crew came with Lu Shanshan,Hook up Shen Zhiyue,Ambiguous with Brother Liang again,Such a woman,Not only fans hate,He looks at it as a director and hates it。The previous director didn’t care,That’s because he is in a hurry,Hurry to finish this part as soon as possible。I didn’t expect to get stuck every time I get to Lu Shanshan,Obviously this woman has a problem。Lu Shanshan was not in the state before,Now too much,I almost hurt myself。Although Lu Shanshan was killed by a horse,But the director listened to the rumors of the prop group,I suddenly felt that there would be an accident,Lu Shanshan is not good。She is usually too blatant to seduce popular actors,It caused her to hate the animal。
Directors in their forties still believe in some mysterious power,He thought that Lu Shanshan had a problem,He has a big hand,Said:“This post cut。”
The assistant next to him said nervously:“what?director,This paragraph is deleted,Can’t connect,Looks weird。”
The director said with a black face:“Do you think i want?Blame some people,Bad-hearted,I hate the animals。Even if I change another horse,It might not happen。This paragraph is here for transition,The next part will talk about the Three Highnesses。”
His Royal Highness was a little excited after listening,He never thought he could add to the show。
“director。”The actor of the Third Royal Highness looked at the director excitedly。