At the third male consultant,She needs to play deeply to distorted characters,“distortion”This is mainly reflected in all the opposite sexs that appear by the consultant.,I hate all people trying to approach consulting。
have to say,Although 竹 表,But there is a uncomfortable happiness in her heart.。
Because she really can’t think of what is talking about today.,Histeore chasing people have no,It is better to change a taste Dangdang female。
Advisor and female repair Qi Qi。
Yan Zhi has been prepared for preparation,Holding arm,Jaw,Looking at this woman with a high angle in the eye angle,The pace of the foot is called a cool madness。
Her body shape,It is more than a consultant.,With this female repair on the front of the front pair,Still maintaining an angry pose,Open mouth,The old hometown master:“What gu brother?Hire murder?,Not too difficult。”
Female repair:“you……What are you talking about?。”
The fingers of Yan Zhi also deliberately knocked on the arm.,It is impossible to wait for it.:
“Who are you from the disciple??Have you sent your post?,How can I get up??”
Women’s repairs heard this,Face is more red,There is no initial shy,It’s unable to be unoccupied.。She did not have a reply,When I came to the mountain, I went to Huazong’s disciples to remind her.,Her eyelids say that they are in order to see if the benefactor is safe,Only mixed up。
Today face 枝,Women’s repairs still use this set of statements:“I am looking for……Whether Gu Taoyou is well,I’m going to come up.。”
枝 干,“Then you have finished reading now.,Can go。”
Female repairing body shaking,Suddenly react:“I want to listen to you.?”
枝 对 对 对 如 流:
“With I know your name of your Gu Taoyou。”
Women’s repair:“……”
She is difficult to authentic:“Gu Taoyou is the injury of me.,I can’t help him.。”
“No matter who he is injured,His injury can only be taught by me.,do you understand?”
Yan Zhi said,Domineering to take the hospital’s shoulder to swear,Whole consultant is high,Her paw passed not only did not succeed,It is also in the arm of the consultant’s arm.,“Snapped”One,Crisp。
枝 得 得 表 表,She is silent for half a second,Flying round field:“Have you heard this perfect biceps and a pleasant collision I made by my palm??I can touch,You can’t touch it.,Whee。”
Women’s repair:“……”
Wonderful face color can be used to make a color plate,She is ignorant:“Gu Taoyou just demon returned,Can I say what I have?,How can you be beaten at will?”
Is this called beating???
Fat and muscular cordial collision。
Yan Zhiyou looked at her,Temperate and delicate:“Yes, it is。Have you heard it?,He belongs to me,So I am hob,Both have no relationship with you?。”
Good tea!
From now on, I will change the name of the tea.!
The woman repaired the expression of the three views,She look at the consultant,Take a look at 竹,The eyes will still be expected to be expected in the consultant’s body,I hope to listen to what he said.。
Unexpected advisor, the inexplicable rock branch before the eyes,Should have a sound:“Um。”
Women’s repair:“……”
Women’s repairs and run away.。
枝 目 目 她 她 她 影 影,Sigh:“Rumor。”