Then represent the current timeline,Roughly after the end of the three war,Before entering the tissue。
“But now the four generations of water and shadows,Change is really large,I like it more than I used to,But the gentle spine of the means is compared,It’s just like a person.。”
Look at the pensive night,The night is quiet and suddenly said,In fact, she is also very strange.,Why is it since the four generations of water?,Changes come back so much。
“Can any change??Because he was controlled by illusion.。”
“Flush!”Because of a word of night,Let them roof position,Suddenly came out。
“Come out,I have long known that you hide there.,I have been following us from the country.,What do you want to do??”
I heard the night.,The roof is located in a shadow location,A fangful woman,Slowly get out。
And this person is also known as the night.,Should not look through the fire,Probably know。
Because this is in front of the dark clothing,Age with night, they are almost women,It is the five generations of water shadows in the future.!
Illuminated in this period,Founded on the dark part of the mist,Originally, she is a mission of being charged to monitor the bloody family.。
But the strength of the previous night,Let the beauty have to pay attention to it,So choose to follow up。
But I didn’t expect this to follow up.,I actually heard an intelligence that I thought about her big aunt.。
“What do you mean by illusion of illusion??”
According to Meime, I still see her unfortunate look at night.,The eyes are straight to the hook.。
In fact, as a direct water shadow,She also found that the four generations of water is not strong.,The previous spoachet is dissatisfied with the blood of the family.,But never take such a blood policies。
“Is the literal meaning,The reason why the four generations of shadows will change,It is because he is influenced by illusion.。”
Night, continue to say,But it’s not just like beauty,Unconsciously。
Can use illusion to control the shadow of a village,So what is the existence of the other person??
“wrong,Even the opponent’s strength exceeds the water shadow,It is impossible to use illusion to manipulate the water and shadow.,Because the ginema is a column!”
Take the beauty, just want to be convinced,I suddenly remembered four generations of water“Human column”,It should not be controlled by illusion。
Well-known,Illusion as long as the interference of another person Chakra,Will be crackdown。
As“Human column”Man,There is a significant feature,That is, there are two Chakra in the body.。
And four generations of water,One of the most perfect people,It should not be controlled by illusion。
“So if there is more than four generations of water shadows,Even the three tails in his body,Also controlled together??”
Night 大 大 大 白,Say your conjecture。
“is it possible?Illusion can be controlled by the creature of the tail beast?”
Take the beauty today, I don’t know how many times.,But she started to believe in the night.。
“At least I know a bloody look at the wooden leaves,If the is strong enough,Can even enter the seal nunion in the human column。”Don’t doubt,Sasuke enters the body of the Naruto。
It is actually manipulating the nine tail,Then control the three tails should not be a problem.。This can also explain,Why Wonderful can earn free illusion through eight-end,And the same is not able to do a lot of a lot of people。
Very simple,Because the person is in the same way with the tail beast,Naturally, I can’t help each other’s control.。
Chapter 429 Four generations of water shadow capture plans start!
“incredible,The generous adults can actually have illusion,And the person who is hand is a wooden leafy?”
Although it is surprised,But for the guess of the night,But more and more feel like it is correct。
“no,I have to go back to report,This matter must be helpful with the help of the village for the elder people.。
Can’t let the ginema adults have been controlled,If this way,Our whole fog hidden village will be more differential。”
Illuminate now has no mood to continue to monitor,She must find way to stop this。
But just prepared to leave,But was pulled by night.。
“Why do you want to help others?,No need to fight the snake,As long as we uniform four generations of water,Helping it to remove illusion Chakra, not just fine.?”
In fact, before I am going out.,Night, I have received the first task released by the system.。