“Brother Jie Liao!Let’s have dinner!Come and try my feast!”Liu Yun shouted outside the door。
Lu Yi walked out the door gently,Just like his father,Reborn from the ashes。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventy Three Achilles
At dinner,Liu Yunguo really made a table of good dishes to treat Lu Yi,Fried Pho、Meat dumplings、Shrimp Cake、Secret fish sauce, etc.,It’s all from the memory that Lu Yi often misses。But there is only Aunt Liu、Liu Yun and Lu Yi three people enjoy,Lu Yi asked Liu Yun why her grandpa and brother were not there。
Liu Yun was silent for a while,Suddenly burst into tears,original,The old village chief has passed away for more than half http://www.eshenglove.cn a year,Very peaceful when people go,Lu Yi still remembers his old man wearing a hat and bowing his waist and holding a cane……
As for Liu Yun’s brother,According to Liu Yun, it is nothing more than going out to work to earn money to marry a wife。
After meal,Lu Yi refused Liu Yun’s request,Returned home alone。He is in the dark,Silent for a while,I saw the lights in the village gradually extinguished,Only then quietly lit a faint stove lamp。Then lay down on the ground and search for different textures by hand,When he finds all in his hands6Groove,Press simultaneously……
The lock on the ground is triggered,Opened a hole leading to the underground chamber。
Lu Yi took the oil lamp and went down the stairs step by step into the ground,And closed the door of the secret room again。After he touched the three switches on the http://www.sxkexing.cn wall,Turn on,They are lights、Ventilation and dehumidification。
When the pale blue cold light comes on,The appearance of the underground secret room appeared in front of Lu Yi。
In this clean and tidy room,A giant machine with a sense of futuristic design is placed on display,There is also a sofa in front of the giant machine。If you look closely,You will find that the machine looks a bit like a computer,On the table6Two rows of monitors;Below the monitor is a surround sound system;At the bottom is the main box welded with gray steel plate,Different from ordinary computers,It relies on fingerprint unlocking to start。
Lu Yi sitting on the sofa,Put your right hand on the fingerprint recognition device,A red beam immediately appeared on the device,Scanned Lu Yi’s fingerprint information。
“Ding Ding Ding!”
On the desktop6Both displays light up at the same time,The picture suddenly opened from darkness6Big blood red eyes,Staring at Lu Yi from different directions at the same time,And lifted from inside the case4Black robotic arm,All bows turned into fists and aimed at Lu Yi。
“Please enter password!prompt:my name!”The whole secret room is filled with a sound。
“Achilles!”Lu Yi easily dealt with the second defense encryption,6After hearing the command,All gradually turn blue,4The robotic arms are also retracted separately,Disarmed。
“Hello,My master,Welcome home!I’m a Trojan War Form SupercomputerAISmart assistant——Achilles,Serve you faithfully!May I read1All tracked network data for the past year?”There was a gentle female voice。