Hao Shuai,Tightful,“Boy,What do you mean?!”
Summer day a shoot forehead,即 的 的 他 他,“I just want to ask,Who gives you a name,It’s too embarrassed.,Hao Shuai……You are handsome.!

Xu Meizhen doesn’t know what is going on.,It seems that this guy is the same as that cannot be described.,Originally made her anger,At this moment, I laughed three times.。
Confused Hao Shuai,Red neck,Like the beast, call the boldness。
“Ah——I want to get you your hybrid!”
He has already left anger,A push Xu Meizhen,,One foot 踹 踹 天天 的,At the same time,“Die!”
Although he did not practice,But I didn’t graduate in secondary school.,Fighting is often something,This foot kick is extremely http://www.fy12365.cn skilled。
Xu Meizhen next to it can’t exclaimed,She is pushed to open. I can’t stop it.。
Look for,I saw the summer day.,And Hao Shuai kicked,Pour,Center of mind,Directly。
His whole person and the ground have come to a solid negative point in contact.。
“I am!”
Hao Shuai hurts the mouth,This is too hurting here.。
“Click one’s tongue。”
Looking at him in summer day,Quite non-speechless,“I have heard of people with people.,With the day,With electricity,I didn’t expect you to dry with the dryness.!”
I am doing you?。
You can dry,Your whole family is dry。
Hao Shuai looked up,Both eyes are angry,Just stand up,But see the summer sky and shouting,“Everyone is coming.,This guy does it works.。”
In fact,No need for him at all,There have been many passers-by around them.http://www.shujiuhong.cn ,At this moment, I shouted.,The people who are far away are immediately coming here.。
“Rely on your old mother,I killed you.!”
Hao Shuai is really hard,Stood up,Like the other party,Not until the past,It’s another foot.。
A crisp,A palm is awkward,Lightning slaughtered Hao Shuai’s ankle。
Go backward。
Hao Shuai is unstable,Directly http://www.hbhzyy.cncame to a big spree。
Word horse!
喀 声。