What he just wanted,I saw Wang Zhengyu speak quickly:“This transaction,Decline to bargain。”</p> Su Luo was speechless for a while,After a long while:“Row,Three for three,Remember to blow it up for us。”</p> With,He left here,He won’t have much anyway,Three yuan is three yuan,Right as a charity program group。</p> then,The magical scene appeared,Many staff in the corner have Continue Reading

It’s not the time to distribute New Year’s benefits,Let Shan Rou pay for something like this,Obviously wasting。 Although the money is nothing to Shan Rou,But waste is waste。 Shan Rou is rich,Willing to use it on Fang Hao,There will be an amount。 Spent on this,In other aspects, it may not be spent。 Let her spend Continue Reading

“Pity,The strength is a little bit worse!” O’Neill has some regrets。 Till today,The contradiction between him and chatter has been faded by such a long time,Actually, it’s not a big deal.,Otherwise, he wouldn’t say that he would personally be there to bless the nagging on the day he retired.。 to be honest,The contradiction between him Continue Reading

In front of future bloggers,It’s Hinata and Huahuo holding hands while shopping。 “Blogger?”Hinata saw the future blogger in the crowd at a glance,“Where have you been these few days?Why haven’t seen you?” “Ok.” Future bloggers hesitant expression。 “Blogger。” “Uncle Sasuke!” The future blogger who heard the sound turned his head and looked。 “You are back。” Continue Reading

“These guys are all actors,From whom。”The magician laughed,Didn’t learn much skills,Install13The Lakers’ bench is not weaker than others! “I bet I learned from Shaq。” Bang! After the battle between Kobe and Jordan in the first quarter,The benches of the two sides launched a confrontation again! FisherVSCole。 HorryVSKukchi。 Van ExelVSParish。 Both sides’ substitutes are a model Continue Reading

Cai Meier thoughtfully“Is it?Can make you feel interesting,It should be a special student” …… Qianyu’s pale golden eyes coldly sweep the female fairies ahead…… Just now when he was in the sky,Has sensed all the male students below,But never saw Wang Dong! Since it’s not in the team of male students,The only possibility is that Continue Reading

“I see who dares!”Jiao Yuan raised his head and voiced cold,“Don’t see where this is!Believe it or not, I arrested you all!” What he said is mighty and domineering,This is Hayang,Is his turf,It’s not the turn of others to dominate here! A few bodyguards stopped immediately,Didn’t dare to do it,To know,Jiao Yuan casually ordered,I’m afraid Continue Reading

Everyone at the scene was terrified,With lessons from this morning,Everyone is more vigilant。It’s just that no matter how fast other people move,Not as fast as a horse。Lu Shanshan was terrified by the horse,My feet hurt in the morning,This scared foot started to hurt again。But this time it’s not just the foot pain,She twisted,The whole body Continue Reading

——Noon?? ——Just noon。 Fang Hao returned oneOK。 Time is already11Too much,He didn’t return to the community at all,I went to the Little Sheep Hot Pot restaurant near this community,Occupied a position,Then I took a picture of my location and sent her,Sent her the menu,Let her order。 What happened that night,Ye Wenwen didn’t blame him,He finally Continue Reading

“Haha,You say so too!”Li Rencheng couldn’t help but laughed。 Since he can’t open the situation at the dinner table,Then others will definitely not work,So everyone is still the same starting line,No one is ahead。 Ke Shu next to him is thoughtful,“Li Sheng,You didn’t find him private food?” “Huajing’s private kitchens are all from the Imperial Continue Reading