Bamboo! The second rotation of the Ava will again,Suddenly slamming the head of the female police,The 唰 唰 将 打 打 打。 And Olaf is also at this time,A hairQSkills suddenly,Playing on the body of a policewoman,Also put a short speed and blood volume of the police police。 At this time,Buron also finally made a Continue Reading

The old man muttered,The pain in the tone contains the pain that people can’t experience。 “But,I have to cheat myself often.,Xiao Hong him is nothing, he is just busy.,Because,There is also Juan Zi and Xiangxiang waiting for him home.。” “Every time the fragrance complains,I will comfort her.,Your father is working,After a while, I came Continue Reading

But the idea is turning,Maybe it is not the darkness you think.。 Greater possible,They are also unconscious,The seedlings are exploited。 At this time,正 动 手 等,All stopped,One of the faces are not good。 “Who are you?,go away,Don’t hinder Laozi!”Inch youth eye,Belt,“roll,Don’t don’t know。” Narrate。 Miao Xiangming is cold and cold,“They are my classmates,Who are you?!” Continue Reading

“you、You are mixed,Is it intended to be humble and returned? ?” Branch:“I——” The wild is urgently dissuaded:“Revitalizing traitor will be exiled,The traitor in the devil will be chased,I think it is still dangerous when our traitor is,what do you think?” Branch:“……” She felt that the wild is a little inevitable.。 So I gave him a Continue Reading

“Say good five five。”A red-haired man is laughing:“You actually don’t keep credit。” “Not as good as we take 10%,Excavate all the gods here,Let us buy some powerful Tong Tian Dan,Can’t,Two,Two can’t work,Ten。”A obese magic river strong look 狰狞。 “You should die!”The magic river is gone to spit a blood again.,He anger。 “Ha ha!”The magic river Continue Reading

At the end,There is a rich price of hundreds of thousands of high prices to buy。 “Allocate,Please listen to me。” Summer sound came,Surrounded by calm down。 He pointed out four glasses of wine on the bar.,“Three cups will drink,The last cup will be auctioned,Everyone is don’t bother.,But before everyone auction,Just as the friend said,First go Continue Reading

“Hahaha。” Mo Galili laughed and came,“It turned out to be the juvenile hero to the island of Shenpu.,And it is the beginning of a Linghai,good,really not bad,Young,Qi and blood are also very popular。” Summer,Watching each other,Herene。 But very quickly,Be afraid。 With Mo Galiline,He feels an extremely powerful breath。 This feeling,In the neatheld in the hospital,Only Continue Reading

Here after all,These things,Wei Shasha never thought about it before。 “you said,All true?” Wei Shasha subconsciously looked in front of her eyes,I’m very curious talking here。 Seeing Wei Shasha say this,Wang Teng nodded,A noncommittal look。 Actually such a thing,In itself,There is nothing to entangle at all。 And now,Almost processed,But there is no need to spend Continue Reading

“you need to?”Tang Lin Wang Wen Yan doubts:“Isn’t you refining a seven-turn god dragon Dan??I want to be outside the medicinal medicine.,Other Dan medicine I wanted to use the dragon corner for the time being.。” NS433chapter Medical plan “The drug king is worthy of the medicine king。”Lin Fengnan smiled and appreciated:“good,I am refining is the Continue Reading

“I will definitely be good to the dog.!From now on,I am the best brother and he.!” Tirah took a dog tail grass to the sky。 “Then are we??” “You are my brother.!That is still a little different.!” Looking at a few brothers playing trouble。 Niu Niu suddenly understands the word in the opponent’s affection. Second Continue Reading