I went to the bathroom and came back,And Gao Qiang waved his hands awkwardly。
Gao Qiang rolled his eyes,Too lazy to talk to me。
I’m sitting next to Bai Yanni,Bai Yanni handed me a cup of tea。
Chapter Twenty Eight swirl
“Brother Hui must be very curious,How would i know you。”
Bai Yanni smiled,I don’t have the cold temperament I had when I first saw you。
Very sweet。
“Did your sister say it??”I ask。
Mention Bai Anni,My mood is a bit complicated。
“clever,That’s what my sister said,Then I found your photos and videos,Thinking about seeing you one day, I won’t pass by。”
Bai Yanni talked with me all the way,I didn’t expect her to be so talkative。
Bai Yanni is going to Tianfu to participate in the gathering activities held by the class,She and her best friend went to the capital alone to visit classmates,Then meet with classmates in Tianfu。
Because the holiday is coming soon,So this event will last a long time。
lowest,Also two weeks!