“Blade Warrior” tracing his girlfriend’s shooting, or going to the museum to do sundries
闽南网10月15日讯 前天是刀锋战士枪杀女友一案的判决听证会的第一天,法官将根据听证会的情况来决定皮斯托瑞斯的命运——在监狱中坐牢还是像个自由Leave like a person.During the court trial, social worker Joel proposed a three-year house arrest proposal, but prosecutor Neil believes that the former’s statement is very inappropriate.According to British media, the hearing will take a few more days, but it will not exceed one week.  The judge wanted to determine whether to punish the Blade Warrior with correction and supervision.Social worker Joel told the judge that the defendant had no previous conviction and that the crime of manslaughter was relatively minor.After being diagnosed with post-traumatic mental disorder, the defendant is receiving treatment, so he is suitable for correction supervision.The social worker also suggested that Pistorius should serve 16 hours in the community for one month, and can do chores at the Transvaal Museum.But prosecutor Neil believes that such a crime is too light and does not meet the crime of Blade Warrior.