It caused Chen Hao to cry out involuntarily,That voice,Make Qin Liang’s whole bone crunch。
“This voice,I really want to commit crimes。”
Chen Hao flushed,Struggling to get up,But it was too nervous,Hand slip,Fell again,The whole person fell on Qin Liang’s body,Her sexy lips,I almost kissed Qin Liang’s lips。
Chen Hao scared,Strength coming soon,Got up from Qin Liang。
“Qin Liang,Sorry,I……I did not do it on purpose。”Chen Hao was talking,Turning around, afraid to look at Qin Liang。
“Uh,Assistant Chen,It’s not you,You are also kind。”Qin Liang feels a little regretful,He wants to hold him for a while,But this is definitely not telling。
The two were awkwardly silent for a while,Qin Liang spoke。
“cough,How long have you been working out。”
“Yep,what,Not long,Just started this month。”
“Oh,So,When I was in the army,Exercise regularly,Also have some experience,If you don’t introduce,Let me teach you。”
“what,How embarrassed is this,Trouble you so much。”
“Haha,Not bothersome,Anyway, I want to work out,Can teach you by the way,Not much time。”
“that……Then trouble you。”Chen is like a deer,Blushing,Head down。
Looking at Chen Hao’s shy look,Qin Liang thinks this Chen is so cute。
After the two of them finished running,Qin Liang asked Chen Hao to come to the mat,Ready to teach her how to train her body,Girl,No need to train any muscles,Physical training,Just keep in shape,So Qin Liang taught Chen Hao to train。
“Correct,That’s it,Straighten feet,Pressure!”