This scene surprised many Chinese fans,In the live screen of Ascendas Video,Many appeared“This is the Korean team we know?”Barrage like this。
The mental willpower of Korean football has always been the focus of media propaganda,Whether it’s Chinese media or Korean media,They have all promoted the spiritual qualities of Korean players as their best football。
So that everyone thinks that the Korean players are like steel,Taishan collapsed in the past,I’ve seen all the winds and waves,Even in desperation,They can also take off against the trend。
The Korean players are not human,It’s like a machine。
But now many Chinese fans have discovered,It turns out that the Korean players are just like them,Will panic after losing the ball continuously,There will also be a lot of low-level errors in the game。
The game just resumed not long after the start,Son Ho Min made a mistake when he got the ball in the backcourt,He wants to pass the football to center back partner Park Young-jee,The result was not good,Sent the football directly to the feet of Hu Lai who was forcing him。
“opportunity!Are you coming the fourth!”He Feng shouted excitedly。
Sun Haomin at this moment,There are countless kinds of miserable experiences he suffered after the team lost the ball because of this mistake.——Scolded by the media and fans,Missed into the national team,I get booed as long as I play,In the end, he was even terminated by the club,Lost financial resources……
In an instant he recovered from these tragic futures,Then he saw Hu Lai preparing to take the ball to the penalty area。
So he didn’t have any thoughts in his mind,Only one thought left——Stop him,Stop this kid,No matter what method is used!
He stretched his feet to shovel Hu Lai。
Shoveled Hu Lai’s left ankle that was blocking the football。
Hu Lai screamed and fell to the ground,This time he did not wave his arms to maintain balance,Because of the rush,He has no time to keep his balance,No need to keep balance……
He is like a broken sack,Collapsed to the ground,Didn’t even hug an ankle and roll。