Chapter Fifty One Mi,Grow a bit
The boy’s father saw this scene,Scolded“My son is an excellent soul master at the Junior Soul Master Academy,How could it not reach!Must refund!Refund!”
The old man’s eyes are cold,“It seems that you didn’t know the situation and you just signed up,That’s just a waste of gold soul coins,Want to refund,can!Mubai!”
suddenly,Dai Mubai, who had been lying on the tree, jumped down handsomely,After patted the sleeves,Fingered everyone who came to sign up“Want to refund,I can beat it!”
He took a sharp step,Three gorgeous spirit rings floated from underfoot,Standard spirit ring configuration,Yellow yellow purple!
next moment,Immediately aroused everyone’s voice……
“Soul?How can this be!”
“How old is he,How could it be the soul sovereign!”
“let’s go,I don’t want to go to school in this Caiji Academy”
Pigtailed,The girl with icy muscles patted and she was wearing a blue tights,Slightly ordinary boyish way“Third brother,Did we really come wrong?This college looks so broken”
The boy nodded slowly,My eyes flashed a bit of fortitude,“Shouldn’t be wrong,This Shrek Academy is what the teacher calls an academy that only recruits monsters”
The two of them are Tang San and Xiao Wu who graduated from Notting Junior Soul Master Academy!
However, as everyone knows,Behind them,There is a person standing with a veil covering his cheeks,The man in the cape caught all these words in his ears……
The corners of Xu Sheng’s mouth were slightly raised,The cold eyes slowly moved down,Watching Tang San’s Twenty-Four Bridges and Mingyue Night!
Xiao Wu who happened to look sideways saw this scene,She moved towards Tang San,Small channel with ear“three……Third brother,Don’t you think it’s gloomy behind?This weird guy just kept looking at your storage”
“Doesn’t look like a good person,Should we catch him and give him a tough lesson?”
After Tang San listened,The eyes of Xu Sheng’s back turned slightly……