”Hey,When I first started as a special soldier,Are you younger than them??Why don’t you say that you love me??“
Qin Liang pretended to be sad……
”……Why do you want me to feel sorry for you?These two days you do whatever you want with me,Frivolity,I didn’t say a word to you……You are not satisfied yet,Bad guy you are。“
Liu Rushi complained weirdly,And turned away embarrassedly。
“Yep……Ok……you win。”
Qin good awkwardness,I was told by Liu Rushi face to face,Even a cheeky person like him,Feel embarrassed,These two days he was right“Pathetic”What did your Shishibao do,He knows better than anyone else……
Except for not doing the last thing,He did all the other things that should be done,He did everything that shouldn’t be done……
“Keep telling the story,Hurry up,I’m still waiting to listen。”
Liu Rushi doesn’t want to continue talking about this topic that makes her blush and heartbeat,Demanded immediately。
“Oh,Keep going……Where did i go?”
Qin Liang deliberately pretended to be confused……
“Speaking of you saw that little girl eating petals。”
Liu Rushi immediately reminded him。
“Oh,Ok,Then I go on;And the next few days,I saw that she never went hunting,Looking for food,Every day by eating the petals that fall from the top,Drink the water in the puddle to survive,I start to marvel,incredible,Turned into the admiration and unthinkable later。”
“Ten days!She didn’t eat any food……Do you think it’s amazing?”
Qin Liang said that,There is no more teasing in the tone,Actually I remembered this until today,He is still puzzled:A big living person,How can it be possible to survive by eating petals that lack any nutrients??And Shen Ruoxue hasn’t lost weight at all。
“That’s a magical little girl,I really want to know her。”
Liu Rushi’s eyes were full of admiration and yearning eagerness。