Beer in the bubble, Coke plus Codonopsis. Young people, you are not healthy, are worried

If a person has a beer belly before the age of 30, is infected with someone’s physical illness, starts to bald or has white hair, and the eye bags are aggravated, then this person can be a “young” crowd from the body image.

The full text of 3761 words, reading about 7 minutes from last year, Weibo and friends circle has created a “punk health” boom: young people stay up late, while busy applying mask, drink honey pot when eating hot pot, winter wear shortThe skirt does not forget to put on the knee pads. “Punk” is not mixed, no one cares, but the guiding principle of “health” is cautious and cautious, careful maintenance, this seems to be the opposite of the two keywords, how to becomeWhat about a huge trend?

Think carefully, these punk health behaviors are actually neither “punk” nor “health”, but it does show that, at least conceptually, some people may value their bodies more than we think.

The aim is that we hope to regain the desire of the young body, but at the same time it is full of vitality and negative, and the meaning of self-deprecation is far greater than the actual effect of “health”.

The new image displayed by young people through social networks fully reflects their fears and weaknesses in reality.

The incompleteness of 鈥減unk health鈥?is 鈥減unk health鈥?or 鈥渉ealth punk鈥? In essence, this behavior is more a substitute for 鈥渉ealth鈥?rather than 鈥減unk鈥? which minimizes the maximumBehavioral damage to the body, and visually, these behaviors are associated with the so-called “young people’s entertainment.”

In this context, “punk” is an inaccurate adjective, staying up late, sipping, clubbing, drinking spirits, smoking, all of which are harmful to the body but do not reach the true concept of “punk” -The difference between the two is a bit like tattoos and tattoos – they are just some normal human activities, and the words behind them are “I am still young” rather than “I am desperate for society and life.”

鈻睳it, English abbreviated as NEET (not in employment, education or training), refers to some people who do not go to school, do not work, do not study, and do nothing at all.

The picture shows the Japanese TV drama “What is the dating love?” Still, the actor refuses to work with his own thoughts.

With the “complete” division of the Nite, the “punk health” family is full of struggles and wandering.

There is a common limit to these behaviors, that is, they cannot threaten their own health. If they are slightly uncomfortable, they will give up staying up late, drinking spirits, smoking, and they will not go to the black like the former hippies.When you smoke formaldehyde or drink alcohol, you will not give up social interactions like the Japanese residence and the Nites. One person stays in the room to eat potato chips and junk food, even if the body is out of shape.

On the contrary, the 鈥減unk health鈥?family has a very stable social activity.

In other words, the 鈥減unk health family鈥?is not addicted to these behaviors themselves, they are not so 鈥減ure鈥?鈥?this kind of impure psychological mapping is in many behaviors after 80 and 90.

Therefore, if we want to get a deeper understanding of the psychology of “punk health”, we must explore the reasons for this impure psychological renaissance – even the real pure people in this world are rarely.

The phenomenon of 鈥減unk health鈥?is not only a post-native 90-year period, but in the past, it did not form such a scale, which is related to the widespread existence of information dissemination and health knowledge.

鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹?Visual culture and technology have changed the definition of 鈥測oung鈥? Should young people be some kind of?

Today, this word has not only indicated physiologically young people, nor does it apply to all ages as a state of mind as in literature. After all, the soul cannot appear.

Nowadays, everything can be shown. The word “youth” is more determined by vision. Through social media such as Weibo, circle of friends, vibrato, etc., all our activities are delivered to others in the form of viewing.

So, unconsciously, vision has become an element of defining what is 鈥測oung鈥? and it is associated with images of vitality, health, passion or laziness, if a person has a beer belly before the age of thirty,A certain physical illness, starting bald or white hair, eye bags aggravated, then this person from the body image has left the “young” crowd.

Last year, netizens sent a sensation to the Panthers drummer Zhao Mingyi. Some people think that the years have deprived him of his spirit, which is also derived from the visual-photo mug and tea.

If Zhao Mingyi, who is seen in the picture, is knocking on the drums in the underground bar, even if he is already 50 years old, he will be more “young” rather than “middle-aged” in terms of image.

鈻睺he photo of the black panther band drummer Zhao Mingyi holding the mug is all the rage, and the focus of the hot discussion is the contrast between rock and health.

鈥淵oung people鈥?has changed from a generalized to an image with a standard model.

It in turn provides a little comfort for the young people who have already entered the middle-aged life. It seems that as long as they can show the young body and show some casual life fragments, they can prove that they are still young, not what they resist.Mature world.

鈻?Netizens circulated the “punk health” representative behavior.

In addition, the spread of health knowledge in the information age also gives people a limited and practical solution.

In the past, people were eager for health, but they did not necessarily know how to maintain their health. It is also unclear what causes the body to age, and the specific consequences of bad habits. Today, people can control their body fat rate through instruments.Every detail of the body is also more aware of how to protect the body. At night, use a pedicure barrel to make a massage, put a few sputum in the cup, and put a warm baby in the hole jeans. The mask has different functions.Eye cream helps users to minimize the aging of eye skin. and improve the scope of future medical technology updates. It is conceivable that more items will be involved in human life processes.

Health will become more and more refined.

This behavior, which once belonged to middle-aged and old people, now appears in the lives of young people. It can be said that modern people have a higher concern for their own health. This behavior itself should not be felt by some people. We can even say that this isThe progress of modern life.

However, the phrase “health” makes us think more.

In some cases, “health” corresponds to people’s limited trust in modern medicine, drinking hot water when the stomach hurts, and drinking honeysuckle tea when they get angry. Before that, there was a “Ibuprofen” on the Internet.Discussion, this drug can inhibit epoxidase, which can quickly relieve pain and can help women with dysmenorrhea suffer from obesity.

It has some anisotropy, but there are still many people who refuse to use this drug and choose a hot water bottle.

If young people pay attention to physical health as an improvement in consciousness, then “health” makes it become a “half-hanger health consciousness.”

Of course, there is a big difference between “health” and “treatment”. Taking antibiotics is by no means part of health, but many ways of “health” are indeed part of traditional experience, especially when you drink whiskey.A little bit 鏋告潪” – even if it is part of health care, is this really useful?

Beyond the physiological point of view, this behavior has more self-deprecating meaning.

Young people still believe that their bodies are young (otherwise they should stop drinking), but they understand that they will step into middle-aged one day, and that work and free space can make them more and more aware of this.The moment of approaching, and full of worry.

Therefore, 鈥減unk health鈥?is actually a dynamic self-deprecating and worrying phrase.

I don’t want to be a middle-aged person, but I can’t do the real 鈥減unk health鈥? The first half is disorderly and full of passion: no regular work, no interruption, staying up late, maybe to the stomach mucosaSpicy hot pots that cause harm, as well as smoking and drinking spirits.And the second half of it is orderly, through the fruit, mask, protective cream, pedicure basin, throat lozenges to keep your body in a healthy vortex.

The former is summed up in the proportion of 鈥測oung鈥? while the other is ridiculed into 鈥渕iddle-age life鈥?

This half-and-half behavior is now a way of life for young people.

So why don’t young people choose the former directly?

Can the emergence of 鈥減unk health鈥?lead us to think about other options?

One of the obvious reasons is that the main force of “punk health”, that is, after 80 and 90, who are close to 30 years old, their bodies have generally fallen behind previous generations since they were young.

This is related to the educational status of Chinese schools and the way they manage their families.

According to statistics, the 1000-meter score of Chinese students has dropped by about 10% in 1985.

Myopia and obesity rates continue to rise.

In my impression, I often encounter college girls who are going to climb the four-story stairs and gasping in the hall. In the hall, a bunch of people crowded at the door waiting to rebuild the elevator on the third floor.

It can be said that the physical fitness of many people does not meet the expectations of “young people” from the beginning, and “health” has become an inevitable choice to protect the body.

But this is not the case.

The emergence of “punk health” is still related to today’s social culture.

The interesting part of 鈥減unk health鈥?is its strong 鈥渕iddle-aged meaning鈥?

Young and middle-aged people were originally a group of opposing states, but they now reached a settlement with the behavior of young people.

Or, middle-aged people are constantly encroaching on the free space of young people.

Staying up late is one of the most common phenomena. In the reply to the “Punk Health” family, there are not many people who choose to do some crazy things day and night, such as Tongdi, Internet cafes, and few hangovers.- There is still work waiting for them the next day – the more common phenomenon is that young people use day and night as a kind of short-selling.

But after the end of a full day of work, there is actually no energy to do other things, so most people’s choices become a mobile phone.

If you ask why you don’t use these hours for rest, most of the “punk health” people renewed their feelings: they felt more free when they were lying in bed after a long day of exhaustion.

Staying up late is the only time of your own time, free time.

If you ask the “punk health” family, since you know that staying up late is very harmful to the body, why not change it. The most common answer is often “only the time of staying up late, it is free”, which makes people think of capital production methods.Deprivation of sleep, invasion of our free time.

In other acts of 鈥減unk health鈥? the actual display is not 鈥測oung鈥?

Young people are endowed with hints of reality in the 鈥渉ealth鈥?move 鈥?they are actually showing their middle-aged side, the actual pressure deprivation eliminates free time, and the young people’s bodies have adverse reactions, such as dark circles., get angry, prone to stomach problems, lack of sleep, hair loss and so on.

Perhaps, no young people of any era will be willing to show their aging as they are now.

When they lifted the thermos cup, they also released a double signal: one is “Hey, I am not young” “Reality makes me aging”, another signal is “I am not willing.”

But beyond this “unwilling” emotion, young people have no way to find a solution.

“Punk Health” is just a double substitute. It wants to avoid the aging of the body and to avoid the aging of the spirit. In the order of the world, these are the substitutes, so the rest is only worried.

The choice of 鈥減unk health鈥?reflects the hesitation of young people today.

Its emotions are passive and more like a helpless self-protection.

The true young should be active and declare its existence.

A young and healthy body is a capital, and short-term youth is also a rare possibility, but how to use it after protection?

In addition to maintaining a young body to avoid the closure of “middle-age contradictions,” what can young people do?

If these problems are not answered in the individual, then the “punk health” is not a complete move, its meaning will be even more unsatisfactory.

Duty editor Wu Yanzu