“It will take http://www.nchmyy.cn about two months,Senior is looking for An’an?”
Jingpu shook his head and smiled:
“Nothing,Suddenly disappeared for so many days,Kind of miss her。”
Listening to Jingpu,Ling Tiannan felt a little excited:
“I thank seniors for An An’s concern,Wait for An’an to exit,I will let her meet senior first。”
Lingju on the side was a little confused listening to the dialogue between Jingpu and Ling Tiannan,Although Lingju knows,You http://www.digital999.cn can’t deal with such things,But Lingju still couldn’t hold back,The ghost suddenly asked a question from the side:
“senior……Who is Ling Anan?”
Jingpu was taken aback,Looking back at Lingju next to him with a smile:
“The first friend I met when I first came here,People are nice,Thanks to her to enter the Sword Sect。”
Jingpu’s modesty,Everyone is used to it,After Lingju heard what Jingpu said,,Nodded thoughtfully。
After seeing Qinghe Town on the way back,Jingpu now remembered what he was going to do。
Immediately after saying http://www.hbzzf.cn hello to Ling Tiannan and others,Jingpu went down with the shopping list,Lingju immediately followed Jingpu。
As for Ling Tiannan and Di Chen,The two really want to follow Jingpu,After all, talk to Senior Jingpu more,Is the insight of how much。